Although not, they came across Ji Heng exterior and you may went ballistic as he noticed his nephew clothed instance an excellent girl

Although not, they came across Ji Heng exterior and you may went ballistic as he noticed his nephew clothed instance an excellent girl

As much as the guy doesn’t want having Tian Qi so you’re able to exit, Ji Heng are kept zero possibilities but to help you flames a reluctant Tian Qi from their unique post as his or her own doc to help you appease their sister.

Ji Heng delivered Tian Qian so you can an isolated agriculture town so you can often a keen herb garden. He consider the father she is actually off your the higher becasue the very sight away from their particular agitated your such.

Nevertheless when she try eventually aside attention, Ji Heng learned that he cannot sleep. He had been missing their own. Their sleepness night turned group offering him the problem too. If the the guy can not bed, it challenge perhaps not bed.

Sheng Anhui went to see Tian Qian to ask their unique in order to get back since the Ji Heng and everybody more had got a bad nights sleep since she kept.

Tian Qian considered they but she dont simply come back without are bought by the Ji Heng to return. Rather she offered a place support together with her favourite gardenia rose involved to Shen Anhui to pass through in order to Ji Heng. Which ought to score him to bed.

Exactly what Ji Heng questioned in the event the Chun Hua is this, he appreciated a lay she after asserted that she was already in love with some one

Whenever Sheng Anhui gone back to Mansion Ji, the guy advised Ji Heng you to just what he spotted nearly bankrupt their cardio. Tian Qi was in for example a sorry county. She is actually the body and you will skeleton, she are throwing away out of the temperatures for the farm.

Ji Heng thought so sorry and you can guilty in the Tian Qi, the guy told Sheng Anhui which he will go to see to possess themselves.

But once it had all of them, Tian Qian try anything but wasting out. She try and work out such currency to possess performing a marvel beauty device, a highly moisturising dirt therapeutic mask you to definitely shot to popularity on young women of village.

Dr Ding try therefore clear on the medicinal masks he returned to Mansion Ji to provide an example to Kang Ning’er and Madam Ji. He was assured Madam JI is so happy, she’d overrule their unique son and you may bring Tian Qi and you can your back once again to Mansion Ji.

Mr Kang went to Tian Qi and you can Dr Ding’s cottage and you can got them both arrested getting maliciously giving a great poisoned medicinal face masks to help you both Ning’er and you can Madam Ji.

Mr Kang was just about to paddle Tian Qi when Ji Zheng along with his men arrived to end all of them. The guy told Mr Kang that he does not have any just at every in order to precise abuse to help you anybody out of Residence Ji and its particular locality rather than consent out of Standard Ji.

Anyhow Ji Zheng grabbed Tian Qi to help you JI Heng in which he told you a similar thing in order to Mr Kang. Of course, if the guy did something such as one once again, Ji Heng commonly directly torture Mr Kang.

Yet not, Tian Qi persevered. She holandГЄs noiva reminded your what he previously asserted that about armed forces when someone safe you the help of its lifestyle, you have got to come back brand new rather have.

But their own troubles was not more. She was then kidnapped because of the Mr Chen and you may brought to Sunrays Partner so you’re able to eliminate and you will torture.

If home 2nd unsealed, it absolutely was Ji Heng who had been 1 / 2 of amazed and you will half of jealous out-of Tian Qian secured during the with a woman regarding facility. He had been therefore jealous, he didn’t irritate to inquire of whom locked their own for the with Chun Hua?

The guy informed out of Tian Qiu to own anything for cash and you will she was thus shameless

Ji Heng asserted that Tian Qi and you can Chun Hua don’t have to hide in a number of rare places just like the he’s going to plan a married relationship between Tain Qi and you can Chun Hua.

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