He immediately after possessed a ball cluster called the Austin Celtics, which he shed so you can Mr Injury during the a credit game

He immediately after possessed a ball cluster called the Austin Celtics, which he shed so you can Mr Injury during the a credit game

Depicted by the

Richard “Rich” Texan, labeled as “The newest Steeped Texan” and Senator Shady Bird Johnson , try a stereotypical rich, selfish, callous, but gregarious, business person out of Springfield. He wears a bronze fit that have good bolo wrap and you may a light cowboy cap (that he used on the day Kennedy try shot) which can be inside the 70s. The guy holds a couple firearms immediately.


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Background [ ]

This new Steeped Texan features a lot of money regarding 290 mil dollars, regardless if at any given time he had been worthy of more 1000000000 dollars (he was shortly after accepted to the Billionaire Go camping ). It is revealed that he often secretly combined steroid with the cocaine ate by the users to compliment its performance (an excellent parody of your Boston Celtics) .

They are an energetic person in the fresh new Springfield Republican Cluster and talks with huge Tx drawl. Into the Seasons 5’s “$pringfield (Otherwise, How i Read to cease Alarming and you may Love Legalized Gaming)” (the fresh Rich Texan’s first), Homer address new Steeped Texan due to the fact “Senator”, even though this are never stated once more . He just after owned an excellent logging organization as soon as tried to clipped off Springfield’s highest Redwood forest, up until their company was forgotten because of the big forest after they slid down a mountain . He including shortly after had every one of Mr. Burns’s assets, as he acquired all of them in the a wager . One of Richard’s fondest ambitions is always to generate this new earth’s basic drive-owing to humidor . He states also be a person in an unnamed category off oil tycoons just who build dumb instructions, with bought a tarnished glass bathrobe plus the earth’s fattest racehorse.

Richard always transmitted one or two revolvers, and he had a familiar habit of draw all of them out and firing them on sky when you’re shouting, “Yee-haw!” whenever he could be happier otherwise excited. He’s got visited jail at least one time whenever certainly one of their stray ammo strike a tx Ranger and also the police produced your change to blanks, but the guy noted one “They just don’t feel the same” . He shortly after stored Homer and you can Moe from the gunpoint, when you’re forcing them to walking together with your shortly after getting fooled of the a couple of fitness singles reviews. He immediately following went extraordinary and you can forgotten his brain just after doing things good having Ned . From inside the “A critical Flanders: Region One to”, Johnson appear to owed huge amount of money. Once begging to own his existence, he was sample dead by loan companies shortly after he had been drawn hostage and most out of his muscles are mixed apart from his face.

Richard revealed that the guy is suffering from pogonophobia (worries away from beards and you will mustaches), brand new excuse the guy offers Homer for vehicle parking inside the an impairment destination; then he on time propels one or more man clothed as Santa Claus . He could be including fanatical-fanatical and you may counts from the going together with leftover base step 1-2-3-cuatro in advance of shooting their pistols .

The guy and drills to possess oil, although the guy says which he will not exercise getting finances, but alternatively spends they to own his personal use getting dance (which involves your yelling “Yee-haw” significantly less than a petroleum tower sprinkle oil and dancing a beneficial jig), he demonstrates to Bart and you may Lisa once they accuse him of fracking.

Relatives [ ]

Richard Texan provides a beneficial gay grandson and you may a great ded Paris Texan (exactly who appears and you may acts such as for example Paris Hilton, and you can whoever name’s a play on Paris, Texas) .

Their dad served from the Confederate armed forces, when he reacts to Bart mooning new flag “This is the banner my personal grandpappy rebelled against!”

Trivia [ ]

  • The character shows hints out of Lyndon Johnson, who had been after good You.S. Senator based in Texas and you will whoever spouse is actually nicknamed “Lady bird.” Johnson including turned Chairman following the murder from John Kennedy. Although not, Johnson’s wealth try rarely a fraction to this the brand new Steeped Texan. Johnson also grabbed blue collar operate and come up with as a result of his very early lives. As opposed to this new Rich Texan, Johnson was not a businessman, and happened to be considered to be a pioneer out of brush ecosystem and you will gun handle laws also.
  • The character appears to have some colors off J.R. Ewing, the latest wealthy, opportunistic antagonist on the 1978-1991 program Dallas. But not, despite becoming tend to high-pressure, Ewing wasn’t almost as eccentric once the Rich Texan and had an even more stable vibe.
  • The type could be in addition to loosely considering T. Boone Pickens, an extremely rich Tx-dependent oils businessperson exactly who gathered notoriety to own environmental contamination. Within the 2008, decades adopting the Steeped Texan earliest featured into the Simpsons, Pickens would in some way begin to publicly advocate getting breeze and you will natural gasoline fuel, though it are believed that this is, to some extent, meant to and help their water companies given that you to definitely their proposed snap farm would be to getting constructed on belongings having huge amounts of liquid reserves.

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