New “elite” girl plus the “non elite” son in fact found, and additionally they esteem, value and you can love both

New “elite” girl plus the “non elite” son in fact found, and additionally they esteem, value and you can love both

And you will best learn we are in one set, graduating of Med College or university

Really, your brand of mentioned that the us is superior to Chile together with your “Note” And you may sure, even though your did not list Chile’s benefits doesn’t mean you do not believe our world enjoys good things too, but it surely seemed like you you should never… I need to say they, I absolutely didn’t like your article. I don’t know as to why exactly, but I experienced offended the entire go out I see clearly. It is like you look down on you, and also you end up being very advanced (not myself, however, as you come from a good “developed” country) as possible actually let us know what is good for all of us. But that’s whatever you can give united states? Wade live overseas? You to tip try An excellent) perhaps not affordable for all and you will B) maybe not the solution to the real problems our society features.

You explained the newest “elite” and you may “perhaps not elite group” class really well. Grayscale. What about most of the members of between? The tones of your middle income. Otherwise all of the hues of the upper-class extremely, since if you will be making 1 million a month you are rich! I guess I am element of your “elite” class, because the I decided to go to a personal college or university, I reside in “este barrio alto” (zero tan alto eso si, Los angeles Reina zero mas los cuales es bien rasca for many the “elite” group you demonstrated) and I shall move out of my mothers family from the ages away from twenty five. However you make me sound awfully superficial. My boyfriend is certainly not element of your own elite classification, their particular mother is actually a great nanny, thus i guess that places him on “non elite group” category.

And this “miracle” did not happen due to the fact we lived abroad, they occurs on account of studies, each other all of our parents’ and you may ours. And you can knowing the industry online is just part of they. However, yes, probably the truth tha their dad lived-in the united states for couple of years is determinant in some way in my own boyfriend’s existence, I want to make you one to. Nevertheless the essencial thing that this country requires is knowledge. As well as, like other people have stated, that kind of segregation is only found in Santiago. Inside the “regiones” everything is far additional.

And there is yet another thing I wish to point your out

And that i imagine that is something is actually determinant personally, each other my mothers are from Vina. Living with your mother and father it is easy, yes. However, I don’t consider i do so while the a community just just like the we have been idle. Family relations is a significant value right here, and that i think your did not speak about you to. My personal moms and dads are awesome sad I am making our home, and you can I am 25 years old. And you may I’m pleased for this 25 years I got to spend together with them and you can my aunt. And you can my friends which had to maneuver to analyze here in Santiago after they was in fact 18 years of age (my personal boyfriend incorporated), they miss their loved ones, not just “the straightforward lifetime”. Not forgetting, coping with your mother and father it is far from always a choice… Living with your parents, granparents, that brother, the step three siblings, the sixteen yo sister’s child with his boyfriend it is really not usually a choice, and it’s not easy.

Which will be reality of many chilean families, where venturing out while the “you should be independent” it isn’t a priority, that it is flipping the back to the household members in need of assistance. PS: perhaps We duped, while the Used to do live abroad for five months in america when i is sixteen, since the a transfer student. And i also most agree with you that understanding the industry are element of degree. But you are unable to just make clear they this way, specially in a nation was take a trip overseas, and also to this new places you mentioned, is not possible KambodЕѕa morsiamet virasto for everyone.

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